About Air Quip

A typical condominium development takes on an average 2-3 years to be built. This timeframe is widely acceptable. However, as home buyers, we still have this need for more information on a daily basis. We want updates in Real-Time.

This is exactly why Air-Quip.com was born. If you had already bought a condominium and waiting for the development to be over, you are very likely searching for a way to get REAL-TIME property development updates. Look no further as Air-Quip.com is here to do just that.

We work hand in hand with property developers across Singapore. We also have our very own ground surveyors to do the recce work for you. As the updates come in, you are notified in real-time.

Though these updates are all text based due to constraints. We are working extremely hard to bring you high-quality images and videos as updates as well. We are aiming to achieve this milestone with your support.

If you do find our condominium development updates useful (you sure would), do spread the word about us. This will greatly improve our reach and capacity to achieve even more future milestones that would greatly help every single private property buyer of Singapore.

Thanking You,
Billie Morales
CEO Air-Quip.com